Career Sponsorships

GDC 2017
February 27 - March 3, 2017
Expo Dates: March 1-3
Moscone Convention Center
San Francisco, CA

GDC is the largest professional game developer conference, with over 27,000 attendees having an average of 7 years experience and having worked on 10 titles. This makes GDC the ideal venue to recruit top talent.

Looking for developers within a specific discipline? Such as, programming, engineering, design, production art, animation and business management? GDC can help you target these candidates.

Looking for developers with specific market expertise? Such as, VR/AR, smartphone/tablet, PC, Console, Free2Play, handheld console devices and Indie? GDC reaches these audiences.

GDC offers a wide range of Career sponsorships to fit your company’s needs, including, exhibiting, speaking, networking, private meeting space, VIP parties, branding, signage and more. We look forward to working with you on your next great hire!

*Companies interested in exhibiting for recruitment purposes can choose any hall, any zone and any size booth, there is not a Career Pavilion. This provides more flexibility and opportunity to attract more seasoned developers. We will promote any companies recruiting on the website, floor plan, mobile app, event guide and Who’s Hiring Brochure.