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GDC Choice Award Sponsorships

Photo from the GDCA

The Annual Choice Awards honor the professional game community, and are truly "for developers by Developers", with awards voted on by the game developer community

Choice Platinum Sponsor $40,000

The Choice Awards platform is the perfect vehicle to reach, educate and influence the professional game development community. Truly an award show "for developers by developers," with the categories and awards being voted on by the game developer community. Become associated with the best professional award show in the game industry.

Photo from the GDCA

Pre-Event Exposure:

  • Platinum Sponsor billing, logo, and link on homepage of Game Developers Choice Awards website
  • Platinum Sponsor billing, large logo, and link at the top of the Sponsors page on the Game Developers Choice Awards website. Includes a 50 word company description
  • Platinum Sponsor billing and logo on GDConf.com and UBMGameNetwork.com Choice Awards pages
  • Platinum Sponsor logo listing in one (1) GDC Update email. Based on availability and sign-on date.
  • Text mention on Nominee Reception invitation
  • 160x600 ROS on GDConf.com network of sites. (See banner specs)
  • Sponsorship title, logo and 50-word company description on GDConf.com Sponsors page
  • One (1) branded micro app on GDC Mobile App (appears on home menu screen with the "event brand" icons). Micro app icon can appear as company logo and link to mobile friendly webpage.

On-Site Exposure:

  • Platinum Sponsor billing and large logo and tagline on Sponsors page of the awards program, accompanied by a 50 word text description
  • Platinum Sponsor billing and logo and tagline on all Choice Awards signage within the Moscone Convention Center. Based on sign-on date and date assets are received.
  • One (1) dedicated banner within the Moscone Convention Center to include only Platinum sponsor and Choice Awards logos. Based on sign-on date and date assets are received.
  • Three (3) All Access Passes
  • Fifteen (15) Expo Passes

Awards Presentation Exposure:

  • Platinum Sponsor billing and logo on Sponsor "Thank You" slide
  • Sponsor can submit video for editorial approval to air during Choice Awards Ceremony
  • Sponsor recognition in welcome and farewell speech
  • Ten (10) Invitations to Pre-ceremony Nominee Reception
  • VIP table for 10 in exclusive area at awards ceremony
  • Option to submit proposal to participate in ceremony (Editorial approval is required)
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