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Sponsored Speaking Opportunities

Exhibitors can maximize the efficiency of their GDC investment by extending their reach far beyond the GDC Expo Floor. GDC sponsorships provide exhibitors with the opportunity to reach attendees throughout their entire GDC experience, whether they are attending classes, eating, networking, or socializing.

*NOTE: Sponsorships are only available to exhibitors. To qualify as an exhibitor you must have one of the following: booth, meeting room, business suite or summit table top.

Sponsored Speaking Opportunities


GDC Sponsored Sessions see below for prices

GDC Sponsored Sessions provide interested parties the opportunity to have an intimate conversation with the influential game developer community. Sponsors can customize the session content to show how their product or service can improve the game creation process. The GDC conference management team is happy to consult with you to ensure that your message is communicated in an effective and targeted manner.

Add GDC Vault taping to extend the life and reach of your Sponsored Sessions. The GDC Team will professionally record the content and host it online post-event at GDC Vault, where you will collect the leads of everyone who opts in to view the sponsored session.

Be sure to take advantage of additional marketing and visibility through official GDC Blogs and Content update newsletters. To qualify, simply provide the necessary within 2 weeks of signing up; deliverables outlined here: session title, company name, 100-word session description, track, presenter, 50-word presenter bio.

Session Includes*:

  • One (1) Small, Medium, or Large room set theater style for all one hour sessions.
  • Detailed listing on GDConf.com includes*: session title, company name, 100-word session description, track, presenter, 50-word presenter bio, date/time/location. - Subject to change
  • Listing in GDC Pocket Guide includes the following: session title, presenter name, track, date/time/location.
  • Session evaluation form during session to be run by Show Management. (Results will be provided.)
  • Two (2) Conference Associates at door.
  • Presenter will be registered for an Expo Plus Pass.
  • One (1) screen, two (2) lav mics, one (1) podium mic, one (1) aisle mic and one (1) data projector.
  • SSession listing on GDC SF sponsored content page and GDC Mobile App
  • Text listing on on-site Conference-at-a-Glance (CAAG) and pocket CAAG
  • Raw files of Vault recording will be sent to the client after the content is processed and prepared


Session Only Add GDC Vault Taping*
Full Hour Sponsored sessions
(Occupancy 1-195)
$8,200 $5,000 (view details)
(Occupancy 269-280)
$8,600 $5,000 (view details)
(Occupancy 281+)
$9,200 $5,000 (view details)
1/2 Hour Sponsored Sessions
(Occupancy 1-195)
$5,800 $5,000 (view details)
(Occupancy 269-280)
$6,100 $5,000 (view details)
(Occupancy 281+)
$6,400 $5,000 (view details)

*NOTE: Sponsored Session Title and Abstract will need to be approved by GDC Content team prior to messaging execution. Please note, once approved the sponsor should reference your Sponsored Session as [Session Title], a Sponsored Session within the Game Developers Conference. The sponsor may not reference the Sponsored session as a standalone event at GDC or as a main conference, summit, or session programmed by the Game Developers Conference.

All Press Releases sent by sponsoring company must be approved by GDC Show Management.