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GDC Vault


GDC Vault

GDC Vault is the exclusive destination for GDC event content on demand. GDC Vault extends the life and reach of the Game Developers Conference, offering post-event access to conference recordings and proceedings in slide, audio, and video formats.

As a sponsor, you can choose to have your own GDC session recorded and hosted on GDC Vault and collect the leads of everyone who views it. Or you can choose to sponsor GDC Vault coverage of a specific GDC event and receive all the branding and promotion surrounding it.

Sponsored content is not gated, and available to all visitors of GDC Vault. GDC Vault is heavily promoted through the Game Network marketing and editorial channels, including all GDC event websites and Gamasutra.com.

GDC Vault Session Recording

Record your GDC Sponsored Sessions - See individual event sponsored sessions for pricing*

Extend the life and reach of your sponsored sessions by making it available for the entire online game development community to view on GDC Vault. The GDC Team will professionally record the content and host it online post-event at GDC Vault, where you will collect the leads of everyone who opts-in to views the sponsored session.

GDC Vault Homepage

GDC Vault benefits include:

  • Professionally recorded sponsored session content handled by GDC team and hosted on GDC Vault. Includes video/audio recording and screen capture of your slides synced up.
  • Lead generation via GDC Vault lead form. Sponsor receives an updated list of contact information for the first three months of all the participants who opt-in to view their video on GDC Vault.
  • Embed code to edited video recording (Flash console with video and slides sync) available to sponsors two weeks following event to put on their site. No raw video footage available.
  • Listing in the GDC Vault Sponsored Session Section including:
    • Session title
    • Sponsor logo
    • Sponsor logo and video listing to be hosted and archived in the Sponsored Session Archive Section of Vault

*Does not include cost of GDC sponsored session